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Rudy Gottschalk, Author at SEI Systems Evolution, Inc.
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Why Great Teams Sometimes Fail: Project Management vs. Delivery Management – Part 2

By | Communication, Leadership, Project Management

In part one of our series, we discussed the challenge of shifting leadership focus from “project management” to “delivery management”. In particular, we highlighted the importance of Leadership, Ownership, and Understanding of Delivery to make the transition. In this post we’ll explore the Activities and Communication required around delivery management.

Due to project complexity and the extensive interactions of large matrix teams, many projects don’t successfully identify all activities that need to be completed. A delivery management approach focuses on a careful examination of requirements and design to keep last minute discoveries from completely derailing a project timeline.

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Why Great Teams Sometimes Fail: Project Management vs. Delivery Management – Part 1

By | Communication, Customer Relationship Management, Leadership, Project Management

On one of my client projects, I was engaged to contribute on a mission critical project that almost failed.  After attending several meetings, it became apparent that the project team was unable to make progress.  The individual team members were competent, motivated, worked exceptionally well together, and the overall project plan provided more than enough time to complete the work. So, what went wrong? Why did such a team that looked so good on the surface come so close to failure?

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